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May 12

Zippy's Owl Box.: Auto Responder Giveaway! →


Doing a little giveaway to celebrate 400 followers! You guys are crazy but hey thats pretty awesome of you all.

Anyways! So I’ll be giving away one of these babies:

Winner gets one pair of laser-cut shades, choice of red or black. (with ear pieces)

They also look pretty swag on your…

Mar 03
Jan 26

ask anything and if u hate me. FUCK OFF cuz ur wasting ur time asking me stupid questions.

Nov 07

ASK ANYTHING i dont bite honest 0>:3

Sep 17

Peek a Boo~

  • Wubzies and me are just laying in bed, facing each other while we're on our sides.
  • Me putting my hands in front of my face and giggling.
  • Wubzies all confused: Huh? *pulls apart her hands*
  • Me giggling. Then putting my hands back up in front of my face, and slightly peeking and seeing him smile.
  • Wubzies: Why you keep hiding your face?
  • Me: Cause I don't want you to see it!
  • Wubzies trying to pull my hands away from my face: Aww, but how am I suppose to see your beautiful face?
  • Me blushing: Awwww... *surrenders*
  • awww i ish jelly with ur relationship >.<
Sep 17

Beautiful girls, all over the world...

  • Taken place in IM between me and Wubzies (bf). We were talking about prettiness of a person and yea. It led to this.
  • Me: I'm glad you lied to me all those times i asked you who is prettier. I probably would be upset like her.
  • Wubzies: who said I was lying
  • Me: I dunno if you chose me on purpose outta the girls I compared myself with ^_^;
  • Wubzies: Your my first and only
  • Me: but I was wondering that time if I'm prettier than any of the girls you've known
  • Wubzies: I think you are. I wouldn't have said any different
  • Me: I am the prettiest you've ever seen?
  • Wubzies: you took my heart
  • Me: Awww...I feel blushy in real life,
  • Wubzies: hehe
  • aww now if that only happened with me. lol but im glad he was honest owo. id prefer them to be truely honest XD
Sep 02

Pokemon a lie?

Is pokemon really real? or is it all a dream? Is Ash rly on an adventure or is he………………….dun dun duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun

in a coma…….

Here are reasons why pokemon could be fake:

1. When Pikachu shocks Ash, thats the defibrillator trying to bring back Ash alive.

2. When Ash is getting burned in someway, or he’s in cold or hot climate that is his fever.

3. When Ash gets blasted with water, thats the cold towel for his fever and when he has to go pee. (doesnt rly make sense in a way)

4. When Ash gets attacked by something sharp, thats the needles.

5. The Team Rocket? DOCTORS!! 

Could pokemon be a fake???

LOL jk XD i heard this from a friend and i wanted to spread this funny myth. some doesnt make sense but some does owo 

Aug 08

LOL I loves you too lisa <3

YAY OWO i lovers yoooou

ASK ANYTHING i dont bite honest 0>:3

Aug 08

On a scale of 1-10 how weird would u say I am?

owo 10 but in a good way XD like and awesomer coolest omg way owo when i frist met u u hugged me and im like OMG owo i loves her alrdy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <333 XD lol

ASK ANYTHING i dont bite honest 0>:3

Aug 07

You guise have similar names LMAO

LoL owo its all geeewd

ASK ANYTHING i dont bite honest 0>:3